Troisième version bêta publique pour le client v7 : v7.1.33

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Changelog depuis la deuxième version publique :

Note : les numéros en fin de ligne correspondent aux numéros de ticket que vous pouvez consulter à cette adresse.

  • Hide 'Quit on window close' option in OSX.
  • Fixed some problems with WU assign time and time offset calculations.
  • Detect and ignore invalid assign time from older WS.
  • Log computed WS time offset.
  • Removed warning from Slot configuration about changing threads mid-run.
  • Catch and log error accessing battery info in /sys on Linux
  • Fix grayed out name and IP in client add after viewing local client. #640.
  • Remove 'RS480 PCI-X Root Port' from GPU whitelist. #635
  • Added a few new Radeon HD 6xxx cards.
  • Added Nvidia GTX 590 device ID 0x1088 to whitelist.
  • Increase Radeon HD 5xxxx and 6xxxx GPU type level by one. #653.
  • Don't fail WS connections if all data was recieved even on net error.
  • Print IP Address with 'Uploading' message.
  • Fixes for OSX minimize and quit bugs. #649 & #659.
  • Limit max CPUs per slot to system count. #652.
  • Attempt to fix #654.
  • Release system resources when querying OSX battery status. #650.
  • Don't send 'auth' command from FAHControl if empty. #658.
  • Fixed 'slot-add' NULL pointer exception. #666.
  • Fixed 'log-updates start' error. #671.
  • Fixed FAHClient script parsing bug. #676.
  • Show 'Remote Access' tab in advanced mode. #648.
  • Don't allow minimizing to sys-tray if it is not there. #670.
  • Also print core return code numbers in hex. #677.
  • Print times in ISO 8601 format. #664.
  • Expire WUs in sending status.

  • Correctly report client version to WS with WU return.
  • Failed upload attempt could cause WU to dump before it was expired. #679.
  • Added AMD Radeon HD 6600 Series to GPU white-list.
  • Fix failure to restart FAHControl in OSX when 'start minimized'. #649.
  • Fixed a socket bug that could cause the loss of the end of a message.
  • Build OSX client in 32-bit mode with Intel compiler.
  • Reduced socket send buffer size to 32KiB to try to solve #682.
  • Attempt to fix PCI detect crash in Windows. #695.
  • Whitelisted more GPUs.

  • Check shared info modification time in an attempt to fix #688.
  • More GPU whitelisting.
  • Fixed Windows PCI/GPU detection, broke in v7.1.26. #701.
  • Use WS UTC WU assign time in client wo/ computing offset #697, #681.
  • If running WU is dumped shutdown the core. #700.

  • Hopefully finally fixed the OSX on battery detection code.
  • More GPU whitelist changes.

  • Print UNSUPPORTED in front of unsupported GPUs in info.
  • Removed unsupported gpu-vendor-id and gpu-device-id options.
  • Allow auto-configuring both GPU and SMP. #629
  • Configure GPU & SMP by default in Windows.
  • Repaired OS description printing in info.
  • Use OS bits to determine 32 vs 64 rather than build bits. #703
  • Enabled GPU detection in OSX.
  • Removed 'gpu-id' and added 'cuda-index' and 'opencl-index' options.
  • GTX465 -> Fermi. #661
  • Automatically install themes in Windows installer.

  • Attempt to fix OSX PCI scan crash.

  • Another attempt to fix OSX PCI scan crash.

  • Added 'gpu-usage' option with default of 80%.
  • Added percent GPU usage slider in FAHControl.
  • Added 'opencl-index' and 'cuda-index' options to FAHControl.
  • 'gpu-id' -> 'gpu-index' in FAHControl.

  • Set default 'gpu-usage' to 100%, until GPU cores implement better throttle.
  • Fixed client connection rate limiting.
  • Fixed error reporting for bad slot configuration. #582.
  • Attempt to fix EUE reporting for WSv4. #615.
  • Fixed "Wrong architecture" bug on 32-bit Ubunut. #599.
  • Dropped "64-bit" Windows release. Use 32-bit on all systems.